MBS ChartDirector

Hi all,

In the MBS ChartDirector, I have a line chart (CDSplineLayerMBS) that updates a value every second, drawing a line on Y axis. Once values in the dataset reach 3600 I delete the oldest, to keep the chart one hour long.

But how to add the scrolling timescale at the bottom X axis?



CDAxisMBS.setLinearScale(lowerLimit as double, upperLimit as double, majorTickInc as double = 0, minorTickInc as double = 0)

Does that work now for you?

This sets the scale of the axis, my question was how to add the labels with appropriate timescale? Do I have to create a layer and do “addDataSet” with datetime contents to the X axis?


did you check the “simpleline realtime” project or the “symbolline datezoom” project?

CDBaseChartMBS.chartTime function converts date and time to double value.

and you use c.xAxis.setDateScale(axisLowerLimit,axisUpperLimit)

than ChartDirector knows that this is a time/date axis

Thanks Christian, this seems to work!