MBS Camera Plugin AutoFocus

Good afternoon

Playing around with the MBS Camera plugin…

Anyway…have an EOS M50 MK II here I test with this plugin example and added two buttons for setting autofocus with either:

camera.SendCommand(camera.kEdsCameraCommand_DoEvfAf, camera.kEdsCameraCommand_EvfAf_ON)


camera.SendCommand(camera.kEdsCameraCommand_DoEvfAf, camera.kEdsCameraCommand_EvfAf_OFF)

As soon I send the camera.kEdsCameraCommand_EvfAf_ON command the camera is busy and can’t do any liveview anymore…sending then a camera.kEdsCameraCommand_EvfAf_OFF makes the liveview work again…

But both commands have no effect when I try to switch between manual and auto focus…

My questions:

  1. Are those commands not supported on all cameras? At least the Canon API documents says nothing about it.

  2. Why does sending the camera.kEdsCameraCommand_EvfAf_ON cause the camera to be busy (Error 192 in the example)

thanks in advance

Hmm… I might misinterpreted the focus command…

It seems totally unrelated to the pushbutton at the camera to switch between manual and autofocus
as the display just always shows the last focus mode.

Hopefully the lens move is easier to implement for focus bracketing (o;