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hi, I developed an image and video capture software for windows, using DirectShowMBS. Today I am asked to do the same thing for MAC, so I would have to modify a part of the program by inserting the use of AVFoundation. Normally I develop on Windows. From the AVFoundation MBS documentation I have the impression that I cannot develop on windows. Anyone confirm this to me? Any tips on how to get started? I have access to a MAC (although I have zero experience with MAC and the idea of ​​having to develop directly on the MAC does not excite me).

you will need a Mac to try it.
And to do code singing later.

Check example projects to learn more.

Yes, I had already started reading the examples a bit. I also wanted to run them, launch them, test them. I will have to work on that MAC :frowning:

Thank you Christian

Enjoy it!

Unless it is a really ancient Mac it helps to not treat it like a visit to the dentist. After all, nearly all Mac users have experience with Windows and actively chose a Mac, whereas most Windows users are in your situation and just know a Mac somewhere. You might be pleasantly surprised, especially with Xojo.

LOL! this is true :slight_smile: But those of us that are occasionally forced to do cross platform work know that they are just different enough to cause you lots of frustration initially :wink: If you can push through that you can definitely get it all working and tested and released! It’s worth the effort regardless of which platform you started on!

I will have sat a few times (4? 5?) In front of a mac present here in the office and, unfortunately, I prefer the visit to the dentist! :smiley:

Already using the mouse and orienting myself with the different GUI creates a lot of annoyance and frustration. Regarding Xojo, I never understood if it was born for windows or for mac (I see a lot of mac users).

Given that the development for mac appears, already with other languages, complicated and above all CLOSED. In short, I approach it with a lot of negativity.

In my specific case, then, I will have to do the same things with a different library (even if, I hope, it is similar in terms of organization). This is already boring on its own, even more so if each micro-step will require study and problem solving, problem after problem.
We’ll see. thank you

Go into the top left corner, click on the apple, click on “About this Mac”, and let us know what model this is …

macOS Sierra 10.12

That’s the system, not the Mac. Two completely different things.


is a 27in iMac from 2011 with a 2.7 GHz i5 processor.

And if you are running 10.12 Sierra then it should be at least 10.12.6 - otherwise you are missing a LOT of bug fixes, optimizations, and security updates.

10.12.6 probably… I have not reported the complete number because I considered it superfluous.

I understand that you are referring to the difference between operating system and machine. But what can ever change for my purposes? I think nothing. the only thing I can perceive is the interface of the S.O.

Sorry, but I struggle further because of the language.

I don’t have to stay on the MAC. I would just have to “lean” temporarily to be able to test the library and possibly develop this program module.
So security and optimization hardly interest me.

That’s what my question was about. But if you think the age and speed of the computer has nothing to do with how much fun it is to work on … who knows, maybe you’re a masochist :wink:

Well, I hope you are your own boss, because I would fire any developer with that kind of attitude.

I’m out.

but i was not born as a mac developer. And no, I’m not my own boss. And yes, my attitude towards MAC is negative. Or do you know both windows and mac and linux and more? good boy.
But I remain of the opinion that not being interested in the latest update (when your goals are quite different) is not synonymous with bad attitude.
Let alone a performance speech … are we all with the latest model ??? also on windows development on a windows 8.

I don’t know what “I’m out” means exactly … some sort of slang?


unfortunately already here I was annoyed :smiley:

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