MBS and SF Symbols

I can get an SF Symbol image with NSImageMBS.imageWithSystemSymbolName, but it’s the default and not appropriate for what I need. It’s possible to manipulate the appearance with NSImage.SymbolConfiguration but don’t see that in MBS. Is there an equivalent I’m missing?

Well, I could add NSImageSymbolConfiguration class to our plugins.

I wonder if you could assign new size to the image and it scales up anyway?

It’s not just the size, it’s also the color (I need a soft gray, not the solid black of the default). From the Apple docs it looks like you can create a color configuration, too.

Okay, I may be able to add that for pr1 in the next days.

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Thank you.

IIRC color configuration is only officially supported on macOS 12 (10.17). So you’ll need to colorize it yourself for anything lower.

Depending on how you are using the NSImage, there’s a number of ways, such as colorizing the actual image or if you’re drawing it, you can overdraw a color on top.