MBS 14.2pr9

I just upgraded from 14.1 to 14.2pr9, and when I compile I’m getting the error:

“There is No class with this name: MBS Xojo CocoaControls.Plugin” Location: NSTableViewMBS.setSortDescriptor"
The file “MBS Xojo CocoaControls Plugin.xojo_plugin” is definitely in the Plugins folder, and I nuked the cache first.

I also see some other errors “NSTableViewMBS.Name: Type mismatch error, expected Variant, but got NSSortDesriptorMBS”

I don’t use NSTableViewMBS or NSSortDescriptor in my app.

Any ideas?

Ok, I figured it out : I had neglected to copy over one plugin (MBS Xojo Lion Plugin) and that was causing the error. It’s kind of a subtle dependency, though, as I don’t use NSTableView in my app.

but a change I made to use NSSortDescriptor with NSTableView.