If I use the Example Networking>ServerSocket>ServerSocket Server and try to change the Maximum Sockets Connected via the IDE or programmatically I get the same default value of 12 does anyone Know why or what I am doing wrong

How are you testing this?

I use the example in the debugger and I have tried changing it in the UI and placing it in the opening, and in front of where the button “Listen” is MainServerSocket.MaximumSocketsConnected=5

But are you actually making connections to the server socket?

Yes - but I close one after I connect. The issue is when you push the listen button there is a list of sockets that are created. I assumed that these were all created by the server. I don’t see how you can control the number that is created… I could be off in the weeds

Number created is not the same as number connected. The server creates enough sockets to maintain a pool of sockets so it can quickly respond to a connection. When there are the max number of sockets actually connected, the server stops accepting new connections until the number drops.

Thanks Tim - that helps …… so who came up with a bakers dozen for the count -

The number of sockets waiting for a connection is MinimumAvailableSockets.

The property you’re setting controls the maximum number of simultaneous connections that are allowed. You’ll never reach that if you keep closing them.

Thank you - I am getting the idea