Max quantity of timers

I’m thinking about making a game with falling blocks, something similar to tetris or candy crush with tiles that fall for gravity.
(I plan to use bevel buttons as the blocks because they’re the most versatile).
For the falling movement I was thinking that timers are the best, a set of timer controls so that each tile has its own timer that handles the movement.

Now, is there a limit of timers that run at the same time ? Is it going to be too heavy to have maybe 40 or 50 timers at once with different speeds ?


Don’t use bevel buttons. Use a single canvas control, keep track of each of the bricks in code and draw them yourself. You’ll have much better luck in terms of speed that way. Each brick could still be its own class.

In terms of timers, you could probably get away with a single timer which only sends events to when it’s supposed to, perhaps by recording the class and an interval of how often it should fire.

here it is, I only used 2 timers and bevel buttons because I don’t like the canvas

By the way on the video you see a lot of flickering but that’s the screen recorder not the app

Nice idea, combining grammar and Tetris.
I am amazed your example comes in German. Because of that, as a hint: “Die Zeuge” (at the end of the video) does not exist. It is either “Der Zeuge” (Nom. singular) or “Die Zeugen” (Nom. plural or Acc. plural).

I bet its more that you don’t understand the “canvas”… which is by far the most versatile control in the Xojo suite, and really its NOT that mysterious