Max file upload size using Xojo stand-alone web server?

Does anyone know what the maximum file upload size is when using the Xojo stand-alone web server? I’m familiar with the Apache web server and know that you can specify the max file upload size.

I’m thinking about creating a simple Web Service using the Xojo stand-alone web server and the “HandleURL” event to make a low volume photo upload service. I’m evaluating my options and need to know if the Xojo stand-alone web server is capable of handling typical photo sized uploads.


@Wes Westhaver - I’m not sure if this will help or not…

Aloe Express ( ) supports file uploads via the Request.Files property. If I remember correctly, Xojo itself doesn’t have a default max file size (and/or max number of files). It’s probably only limited by the memory that’s available.

However, with Aloe Express, you can limit the max size using the Server.MaxEntitySize property.

  • Tim

Don’t they use a temporary file, so size is only limited to free space on disk?

We do, if the upload is greater than 256K.

The trick is what you do with it in the FilesUploaded event. If you think that users could be uploading large files, you should check the size and either move the temp file to a new location or parse it in chunks.