Matthew Combat' s FACEBOOK API v2.5 classes

Hi to all,

Trying the web demo app v2.5 undscrypted compiled on xojocloud get errors:

In configuring my facebook developer account I follow Mathew’s instructions and set Valid OAth Redirect URIs:

when press facebooklogin icon I get my app gone off-line and sometimes I get this javascript error before going off line

"Unhandled EndException


If I press “send” on the javascript error windows, I get
404: File Not Found
The requested URL “/FBapp-Dev/index.cgi/450B3EA641B3D64B786929865EE7BFD32B0FEC4D/error” could not be found. Please check your request and try again.

If I set Valid OAth Redirect URIs https://www.MYDOMAIN/FBapp-Dev/ i get an error related to have not set correcty domain or subdomains etc
If I set “Valid OAth Redirect URIs” with it gets off-line as well without any javascript error.
I suspect that I m doing something wrong in setting facebook account or Valid OAth Redirect URIs.

When try to run on my computer from xojo IDE just to debug, I get an error something like “URL address not loaded: The domain of this URL address is not included in the application fields. To be able to load this URL, add all the sectors and subsectors of your application in the application fields from the application settings.”

Just to let you know, the desktop demo app works well as there is no need to set anything on “Valid OAth Redirect URIs” field (gets automatically)

I use XOJO2018R4

Is there any help?
Thanks id advance

In essence the question is what to set Valid OAth Redirect URIs and how to setup FB developer account to make it works the demo web-app?