Matching Parenthesis Flashing for Dummies

I don’t know how I never noticed it before or when it was added, but when you type a closing parenthesis, the matching opening parenthesis becomes briefly selected to help you with syntax.

This may be a well-known IDE feature, but just in case someone else is as oblivious as I was until recently, I offer it here. Commence the shaming. :grinning:

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Yes it can be very helpful. BBEdit does it too as well as, I expect, others.

I was really happy when they added this as I have always had a hard time following long lines with tons of parens. That’s why I got in the habit of adding whitespace to my parens years ago, like this:

shakeItUp( florence + theMachine )

My brain more easily sees the start and end parens like that for some reason, but the flashing of matching open/close has definitely helped in that regard.

I would prefer an option to add the closing parentheses when adding the opening one. Putting the insert point in between them of course.


But only if, as other environments do, it would overwrite that ending character if/when I type it myself.

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in other ides i use a background color to see the matching brackets better.

I searched in the release notes, but found nothing until 2020…

NB: I never saw this (Xojo 2021r2.1)
I checked (I add another parameter, looked at the open Parenthesis while I add the Close Parenthesis and it flashed…)
Yes, I never saw that since the release of Xojo 2021r2.1.

But I saw it in the free version of BBEdit (or… BBEdit if this does not exists, I forgot).

PS: nice to have set the actual year/release values in the IDE’s bottom-right…