Master window with different content

hello everyone,
I’m just learning xojo. I have an idea in my head of how I’d like my application to have a master window that is open all the time. But depending on which button the user selects the content will change in the master window.

so lets say by default the window1 shows a list of customers. the user now presses the Staff button. I’d like the Customer list to disappear and the Staff list to show and so on and so on.

I tried doing this by creating new windows to represent each button that is clicked thinking that they could perhaps be a ‘child’ of their parent window but the new window always opens as an individual window in its own right.

Any pointers would be great thank you.


Use a page panel control to hold the controls for each child window and switch between the panels using code.

NOTE. If you plan to have a lot of controls on each page panel it might be best to have each set of controls as a container control and put those on the panels instead.


thank you. this has pointed me in the right direct and i found a youtube video that explains in more detail how to use the containers and page panels