MAS Submit??

I can find absolutely no way to submit my app to the MAS.

I have logged in to my newly created paid developer account, and created and installed 3 certificates:


  1. Mac Development
  2. Mac App Distribution
  3. Mac Installer Distribution[/b]

I have also created an App ID for the app which I would like to submit.
I have successfully code signed and sandboxed my app via AppWrapper Mini, but I can now find absolutely no way to submit my app, or enter my banking details!!!

After logging in to the developer site, I go to the Member Centre, and click on iTunes Connect.
I then clicked on Contracts, Tax and Banking - it then tells me that I have a Free Book Agreement, and that I can only apply for a Paid Book Agreement!! Absolutely no way to enter any banking details???

I then thought I would go back a page to the Member Centre, and try the Deliver Your Content option. I click on Deliver Your Content and am presented with options to:


  1. Download iBooks Author
  2. Download iTunes Producer
  3. Download Book Proofer[/b]

EVERYTHING is book related, and there are absolutely no options to upload a Mac App to the Mac App Store???

Can someone please point me in the right direction (in layman’s terms).
Thank you all in advance.

Application Loader. It’s an app in the Developer Tools on your Mac

That also only allows me to make a new book package.
Everything is book related when I log in to my developer account :frowning:

I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve never seen anything about “books” in my developer acc’t.
Unless someone else can help you here, I’d create a help ticket in the developer section. They’ve always been very helpful when I needed it.

Have you downloaded Xcode? With the Xcode package is Application Loader.

In iTunes connect, under your product listing, make sure you have filled in as much as possible. Then you need to click on the “Submit Binary” (or similar) button in the product information page.

What you need to do is to use App Wrapper Mini to make you an installer package.

Then you open Application Loader, select “Deliver Your App”, then choose your application and finally you’ll then select your installer package that App Wrapper Mini made for you.

Fingers crossed, it’ll all go well. If not let us know.

I created a Free iBook account years ago (because I created an iBook) - that’s why that is there.

There is absolutely nothing in the members center, relating to apps however :frowning:
It is as if I do not have a paid developer account - but I do, because I created all my certificates, and successfully codesigned and sandboxed my app!

Xcode is installed, and even the application loader will only let me create an iBook package!

Sam, I do not even have a products listing in iTunes connect!!

Oh… I see… You can’t upload an application to Apple, without having a product listing.

If you don’t see the “Manage Apps” icon, then I would do what Roger suggests and contact the almighty Apple as something has gone wrong! It looks like the image below.

I only have 7 options in the iTunes connect area - and they are ALL books related :frowning:
I have sent in a technical support request.

Sorry I couldn’t help any more.

[quote=125181:@Richard Summers]I only have 7 options in the iTunes connect area - and they are ALL books related :frowning:
I have sent in a technical support request.[/quote]

URL of Itunes Connect (NOT iTunes Store):

No problem :slight_smile:
Just thought maybe someone here might know the cause.

Michel - that is the URL I used.
I logged in to the members area, then clicked on iTunes Connect, then I only get 7 options - all book related.

[quote=125186:@Richard Summers]Michel - that is the URL I used.
I logged in to the members area, then clicked on iTunes Connect, then I only get 7 options - all book related.[/quote]

Are you using your developer ID?

After login, here are the options available :

[code]Sales and Trends
View and download your sales and trends information.

Contracts, Tax, and Banking
Manage your contracts, tax, and banking information.

Payments and Financial Reports
View and download your earnings, payments, and financial reports.

Manage Users
Add, view, and manage iTunes Connect users and In-App Purchase test accounts.

Manage Your Apps
Add, view, and manage your App Store apps.

Grow Your Business With iAd
Monetize your apps and drive downloads.

Catalog Reports
Request catalog reports for your App Store content.

Get support with creating, submitting, and managing your App Store apps.

I only have the first 2, plus 5 other (all book related).

[quote=125189:@Richard Summers]???
This is what I see when I log in to the developer site, and click on Members Center > iTunes Connect:

link text[/quote]

Have you tried to click “Manage your iBooks” ?

That only allows me to change the info for my book.


I knew that as soon as I paid the money - something would go wrong. I just knew it!!

I only have one Apple ID - which I use to log in to:

  1. App Store (to buy apps)
  2. iTunes Store (to buy music)
  3. iCloud
  4. Developer Site

Could this be due to the fact that all 4 points use the exact same Apple ID (email and password) ???

I also use the same email for all Apple related stuff.