MAS Review

My app is held up in the review process with the following reason:

“We began the review of your app but are not able to continue because we need access to a video that demonstrates your app in use.
You can provide a link to a demo video of your app in iTunes Connect. Go to “Manage Your Applications,” select your app, click “Edit Information,” then scroll to the “Review Notes” section and add the demonstration video access details.”

Do I make a video of file type .mov ? Then upload it to my web site?

I have not uploaded a video before so any hints would be appreciated.

Use QuickTime Player and make a screen recording (from File menu) of your app in use. Then upload it somewhere publicly accessible (your website would be fine) and put the URL in the Review Notes section of your app in iTunes Connect.

Got’er done. Thanks.

I did not see anything like resubmit so I hope it’s up for review, again.

BYW I uploaded it Wed got notice on Monday, so 4 days.

Good luck!

Holy crap - that’s some rejection reason!

When did video become a requirement?

It isn’t a requirement. I assume they had some sort of trouble understanding the operation of the app.

It’s a very small program. No file menu. Standard edit menu and a help which leads to a web site with instruction (they could have used that). And a preference and about.

It reads html data from a modem and compares the result to alert the user.

Without a modem the preference allow a simulation of having a modem.

I’m sure the folks at Apple doing the review are saying to themselves “Modem? What the hell is a modem ? Isn’t that ancient technology? Maybe we can find one in the Smithsonian” :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked EBay and they Hughes Satellite Modems. Cheep!

Maybe you’re going to be one of the first to have videos on their product page!

In my apps I place a copy of the web site in the bundle which I access through an HTMLViewer. It is better in case the user has a bad Internet connection.

God! I hope not. I sound like an old man.

Now that it’s posted I can see why a bunch of red flags went off.
“FAP” is a term you’re going to want to avoid. Um at all costs.

You might also consider re-reading the instructions for screenshots.

But congrats on getting it to pass :smiley:

Also, did you specify the 17+ rating, Jim?! Or did Apple, due to the word “fap”? :slight_smile:

For rating I check what ever should he ok with anyone. However the +17 is ok (or good if causes a purchase).
I don’t think anyone under 17 will have a $6k satellite system attached to $200k+ vehicle.

BTW i googled ‘FAP’, interesting!

For my purpose FAP= Fair Access Policy

The review:

I have a database with a table that post some data like number of time that copy has run.

I was watching the table and it posted a record, which had to be Apple reviewer. Nine minutes later I got the email that it was approved and on the way to the store.

I had to do the same thing with one of my app’s. It needed special hardware in order to work so the only way they could review the app was with the video.