MAS receipt checking and AquaticPrime for arm64?

In the past I had been the one who provided CertTools and AquaticPrime code, using libcrypto.

Now, libcrypto isn’t easily available for macOS ARM builds any more.

Has anyone come up with replacements, i.e. is there MAS receipt checking code and perhaps even AquaticPrime verification code that runs on ARM / M1?

Well, you could try module ValidationMBS in MBS Xojo Plugins.

You can bring your own…: macOS: OpenSSL - byo

Old versions (0.9.8) need some build changes for darwin64-arm64 - there’s an example there, too: 0.9.8zh

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I have continued to maintain and adapt your original code (and kept it freely available).
The page needs updating, because it is in use with App Store apps that are ARM native.

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@Thomas_Tempelmann : you need libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib for AquaticPrime because newer versions crash hard.

@Christian_Schmitz : what is the difference between ValidationMBS and AppReceiptVerificatorMBS?

My plugin collection is big enough to have two implementations of some things.

@Christian Schmitz: you are so funny.

BTW, you spelled my name wrong on the web page.

I am so sorry Thomas, I’ve fixed it, just awaiting Coda 2 to reconnect so I can publish the changes.