MAS ERROR: ERROR ITMS-9000: "Missing Bundle Identifier"

Trying to upload a bug-fix version of a software to the MAS I get the following two errors and one warning. Any idea why? Something has changed? Again? :-/

ERROR: ERROR ITMS-9000: “Missing Bundle Identifier. The application bundle contains a tool or framework [ Mailer] that is missing the bundle identifier in its Info.plist file.”

ERROR: ERROR ITMS-9000: “Bad CFBundleExecutable. Cannot find executable file that matches the value of CFBundleExecutable in the nested bundle [ Mailer] property list file.”

The resulting API analysis file is too large. We were unable to validate your API usage prior to delivery. This is just an informational message.

tia - stan

I’d guess that SpellingChecker.bundle is the problem. Where is that from?

Yes it is, from Einhugur.

Finally I have removed that bundle, I have been hours trying to fix the problem by writing into the bundle plist all what MAS is asking for… but it is endless… and finally the bundle executable files are being removed… not sure why/how… :-/

The bundle needs to be in the MacOS, frameworks or Helpers folder; not the resources folder.

The code sign engine v2 is much stricter about what is where.

Ok, good to know, I will have a try, thanks!