MAS and the VAT Rules

A couple of years ago there was a guy here in Germany who had the idea to do away with all the taxes (sugar or champagne and 100 other silly rules) and do a 25% flat tax instead. But there are so many different lobbies for taxes that nothing came out of it.

[quote=160185:@Sam Rowlands]Just for comparison, in Taiwan.
If you’re self-employed, running a small business from home. 0% income tax, this is legal and why so many young people run their own businesses.
Limited company 17%.
If you work for a company 6%.[/quote]

You lucky bastard. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Wow! You got that right, Christoph! Matter of fact, I think I need to revise my statement that we found the solution to the MAS/VAT problems for you and your European counterparts by moving here to the US … Change that destination … Taiwan, here we come!

Hope you have a big house, Sam, with lots of empty rooms … but don’t worry, we don’t eat much ^^

You could just replace the word “Germany” with “United States” and the entire sentence is still precisely as true … too many different lobbies, of which, most don’t represent a majority opinion found anywhere in mainstream America … But they have MONEY! And as the saying here goes, “MONEY talks and BULLSH*T walks” … sorry to sound terribly cynical, but I’m afraid that part of the system is fatally flawed and won’t change any in my lifetime.

This country’s founding fathers rallied around the cry, “No taxation without representation” … they’ve got to be rolling over in their graves seeing how that is going today.

If you don’t mind my two dogs, I do have my trains set up in the spare room at the moment.