Marketing Strategies

Man, I wish I had the marketing budgets of say Nike or Adidas for my company, but I don’t.

However, that does not deter my interest in the audio visual strategies these companies employ to promote their products and services.

One of my all time favourite advertisements are by Nike…

The director, Guy Richie, did an exceptional job.

Recently though, Adidas caught my eye with their 2016 advertisement…

I would love to solicit some thoughts about what you think of the Adidas advertistement?

Do you think the advertisement will make you consider buying Adidas merchandise the next time you are in the store?

uh no… The problem with “modern” commercials such as this… is WTF are they trying to sell? If not for the few sporadic glimpes of the Adidas logo on the backs of jackets, and the final closing logo… One doesn’t have a clue. to me an effective ad must address the product directly… but then I’m way past the focus demographics for this

I suppose they are trying to sell the brand rather than the product?

I hope you’re not trying to say you are too old?

Well lets just say, in my day… sneaker sales were more “PF Flyers”…

These are like so many superbowl ads
No one really has a direct clue wtf they are selling since you just glimpse bits of the logo etc
I cant tell you how many ads like this I’ve seen where I’m left wondering “What were they advertising?”

Puppy Monkey Baby

Run faster… Jump higher. Of course I bought them because we have the same initials :slight_smile:

On the other hand these ads are much more enjoyable … sometimes more enjoyable than the game or movie …

When you look at view counters on YouTube for some of these ads, it is actually incredible how many people are viewing these ads out of their own free will. That definitely says something about them being enjoyable.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing for it to be counted. I think those numbers are not quite correct.
I don’t KNOW this, just a guess.
In Spotify for example, you only have to listen to 30 sec for it to be counted (This i know) :slight_smile:

I think advertising has changed for younger generations. It’s known that people don’t like being advertised to, and as seen on the web, ads have gotten much more clever in the way they present them self. “Featured Articles” and the like.

Personally, I’m sick of being yelled at; so ads like local car dealerships I can tune out and ignore. I’ve personally vowed never to shop at those car dealerships.

I think, because of this, ads these days have to be entertaining to grab attention now. Figuring out who’s ad it is, and what they’re selling keeps you thinking about the commercial while you watch it - does it not? Then, the reveal at the end, “Oh! It’s a phone ad!” the item is now in your head. Success.

Also, worth a view:

Ah yes the “advertorial”
I find those even more insidious as they look like an editorial / article yet are quite patently an advertisement
Sadly there are a LOT of people who can’t tell the difference between those & actual editorials / reviews / articles and believe they are “objective” articles

The Superbowl… I can accurately state I have NEVER missed watching a SuperBowl game in my lifetime.

Never missed it at all… never watched one… but never missed it either

hurly … now there’s a game to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

Tiddlywinks is even better! :slight_smile: