MarkdownKit - Now Open Source

Hi all,

I’m releasing my fast CommonMark-compliant Markdown parser, MarkdownKit, for free as open source software with a permissive license. It’s the only Markdown parser for Xojo that is 100% compliant with the CommonMark standard and that runs on all platforms (including iOS). The code is well documented and a demo app and full test suite is included.

The module was previously sold through the Xojo store and at that time Bob Keeney put up a favourable review.

The code is on GitHub. There are three branches: The master branch should be used going forwards for all console, desktop and web projects as it is API 2.0 compliant. Use the API 1.0 branch if you need to support Xojo 2019 Release 1.1 or earlier. For iOS projects, there is a third branch. Once Xojo brings API 2.0 to iOS, the master branch should “just work” on it.

Please let me know if you find it useful.


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