Markdown viewer on macOS (just my opinion)

Hi all,

A few days back, I was searching for a good (and free) markdown viewer for macOS, not an editor, just a viewer. Oh boy was I disappointed!

Some of them were quite impressive in in-place editing (like MarkText) but none of them included handling of tables or following internal links on clicking.

Also my QuickLook plugin for MarkDown did no longer work properly because macOS could not verify blah blah. So I’ve searched a bit on internet to fix it. And oh wow, QLMarkdown, and its Quicklook generator, are actually exactly what I wanted !

It handles internal links (though not in Quicklook but I don’t know if it is a limitation of QuickLook itself), tables, etc. Just what I needed but it was mentioned nowhere in the articles “n best markdown software for …”.

So think about it if you need a good markdown viewer. I have not tried the editor part of this software.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way to this software or its developer(s).

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Have-you tried those created with Xojo ?

I don’t know which language they were based on.

thanks for the tip, just installed it:)