MariaDB over MySQL

The question of license restrictions when using MySQL is often reason to avoid making use of it. While there is an alternative available in the market namely MariaDB that has less restrictions in license.

  1. Would it be reasonable to include MariaDB on the Xojo Cloud list of database platforms?
  2. Perhaps just replacing MySQL with MariaDB?

I am undecided on the above choices and therefore have neither as a preference, only that MariaDB is supported on Xojo Cloud.
I am wondering if Xojo Inc. has a view, and what might be the view of our forum community.

I do appreciate that there is other DB platforms that would easily be suggested however given that MariaDB is produced by the same as who built MySQL it makes reasonable sense to give this consideration.

I still don’t understand people still using mysql over postgresql which has NO restriction on the licence
and porting mysql to postgres is not that big work ?
where I am wrong ?

We’re open to MariaDB. The best thing to do is put a feature request in Feedback about it.

Unless something changed I’m not aware of, there are no restrictions on using MySQL to power a data driven website (as would be use in Xojo Cloud). As far as I know restrictions apply to distributing MySQL as part of your desktop software.
Maybe something changed that I’m not aware off.

For many people changing is a big deal as you have to implement not only the new code to use the new db type but you have to migrate the data. It is easily said. Think of Wordpress. It uses MySQL (or the variants of it) to backend it. If WP decided to switch to PostgreSQL, it would have to figure out how to migrate the data from the various MySQL DBs to the new PostgreSQL DBs.

Plus hosting facilities like Dreamhost would have to build out a whole new DBaaS farm for the new PostgreSQL DBs. Then they would have to have a way to migrate you from the old DB on the old server to the new DB on the new server. It isnt easy.

you are thinking small scale. One instance of the app going to a single DB server. Think large scale. 1000s of instances of the application going to 100s of DB servers. (or even larger numbers).

And I do agree with PostgreSQL is better DB for licensing aspect.

I was thinking “xojo” …
it’s sure that migrating thousands of lines of php from mysql to postgres can be a hUUUUUUUge work
but in xojo it is not ?

even migrating datas, it took me one day to write a small app to transfert datas between two DBs
commercial programs such as navicat have commands to migrate datas between DBs (yes it’s not perfect that’s why I wrote an app !)

I’ve worked on a project that moved 150 Sybase servers to Oracle once upon a time
Not fun but once the conversion app was written it took days to do the conversions (a few TB on each of the live servers)

The only real trick was making it so there was no downtime while the conversions were done & all data was continually updated in the old & new servers
Then the switchover was painless

It took a year to get everything right :slight_smile:

and that was a good fast migration… if you do it right (like Norman described).

MySQL replication is a huge advanatage Jean-Yves Pochez.

PostgreSQL has replication,_Clustering,_and_Connection_Pooling

and mostly BSD licensed