Margins and Zoom TextArea

I’m working on a simple writing app but I have two problems.

How do I get the slider to zoom the TextArea? I also need this done whilst maintaining position being locked to the top and bottom, so as the user zooms only the left and right will be seen as expanding

How do I set margins to TextArea?

Thank you. Will faking it affect print or will it print with the faked margins?

I also want to add heading styles and indents to buttons.

I don’t want the slider to resize the window, only the TextArea in the window. I’m kinda baffled on how to get it done. I saw it done using canvas but not sure how to get it done with the TextArea (similar to MS word)

Yes, thank you. The TextArea is inside the window similar to Pages and Word. The concept is to only resize the TextArea with a zoom-in and out effect using the slider.

What Slider?

Are you talking about resizing the TextArea CONTROL itself in the window, or resizing the CONTENT of the TextArea?

In which OSes do you need this ?

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 3.55.38 PM

This slider.

Resizing the TextArea Control. This way, users would be able to zoom in and out whilst maintaining the desired font size of the document.

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 3.58.32 PM

font properties are working fine. But this is what I want to zoom the TextArea

Is magnification of the TextArea possible? This way users will be able to zoom in and out the TextArea without having to increase font size for easy readability?

Hi everyone… I got the slider working to scale FTC. But it scales larger than 200% and only scales down to 100%. How do I assign separate values instead of minimum and maximum? Is that possible?
The current scale values I want to implement are: