Having acquired an API key for google and set the property in the MapViewer, I tried to retrieve a location. However the app is throwing an exception and the error is as described.

MapViewer1.APIKey = "cant tell you"
Dim location As New WebMapLocation("Fenway Park, Boston, MA")

Any thoughts on what might be the issue?
I registered with google for my api key and have a valid key.

Are you on Mac or Windows?
What version of Xojo?
Can you run Web Eddie’s example without error?

The example code that came with Xojo, did not set an API key and is not different than my code.
Web eddy? I was able to get javascript to work within a HTMLViewer.

I’m on Windows10 running Xojo 2019

I’m sorry, when I see posts on the Web section without the Xojo version I guess is Web 2 and the latest version (at this time 2024r2).

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I just checked our Web1 apps and the maps are working.

Test with Eddie’s electronics example that comes with 2019, add your Key and see if the map shows or you get the error.

I get this without API Key:

I get this if API Key is 12345:

I don’t have the API Key until Monday in the office. I hope you fix your problem before then.

That worked like a charm.