Mapviewer in Dialog vs Webpage - WORKS DIFFERENTLY

I have a Mapviewer in a WebPage that displays correctly but when I put similar code in a WebDialog it will not automatically recenter to the selected location when used in the SHOW event. The PIN/FLAG on the map is dropped at the correct location but it is not on the screen.

I put the EXACT same code into a “Refresh” button and it it works correctly in the same WebDialog. I added a delay (for testing) with app.CurrentThread.Sleep(2000) in the SHOW event thinking that maybe the process of displaying the dialog needed some additional time to finish but it still does not center.

Most of the code was “borrowed” from some examples.

Here is the code that works in the button but not the SHOW event. The Lat and Lon variables are properties of the WebDialog that I set before doing the SHOW for the dialog.

[code] 'Display the current client map as a dialog

Dim MapLoc as WebMapLocation

if Lat = 0 then
exit sub
end if

if MapLoc <> nil then
MapLoc.Visible = false
end if

'Tested the delay at this point in the code

MapLoc = New WebMapLocation(“Cincinnati, OH USA”)
MapLoc.Latitude = Lat
MapLoc.Longitude = Lon

MapViewer1.GoToLocation MapLoc
MapViewer1.AddLocation MapLoc
MapLoc.Visible = true

Yeah, that’s a bug. I can see in the code sent to the browser that it’s right originally and then the default coordinates are sent again.

If you set the latitude and longitude of MapViewer1 in the Open event (before the original code is rendered), it’ll be just fine.
Please file a bug report.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I will file a bug report.