MapKit importing GPS data

Trying to do a favor for my running club. They have some GPS data of a course and need it made usable. I obviously thought about MapKit immediately.
They sent the data in several formats, including XML. I can parse it etc, but am wondering if there is any existing way to import standard GPS data into MapKit?

You probably could use MKGeoJSONObject but I don’t think MBS has implemented that yet (and it is only for iOS13 and MacOS 15 and up).

You probably just create an array of CLLocationCoordinate2DMBS from your data (should be straightforward) and add it to a MKPolyLineMBS, then use the MKOverlayMBS from an MKPolyLineRenderer to display it on the map.

If you don’t want the points connected by lines then probably an MKMultiPoinrMBS is the right one to use.

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