manually placing container control?

I have created a container control, how do I manually place it on a window?
It does not appear to be in the control library.

  1. Select the window.
  2. Find the ContainerControl in the Navigator and drag it onto the Window layout.
  3. There is no step 3.

Hi Paul, thanks for the reply.
I managed to get the container onto the window, but none of the radio buttons in the container show up when run. Also I have some lines / /borders that do not show (although 1 of them shows, but which one sometimes changes).
Everything shows properly in the designer, but when run they disappear.
Frustrating…any Ideas here?.

Offhand, no. If you can shared a link to your project (with Dropbox or something) I can take a quick peek.

I do not see an attach, and don’t use Dropbox.
We did replace the radio buttons with check boxes, and they show up but mouse clicking on them has no effect.
Here is the code in the action event for the check boxes:

If me.Value then
End If
LaneText1.Text=“x”<— If I put a break here, the program gets here and stops, but does not execute anything in this event

We have used real basic for years, and now find Xojo almost un-useable.

ContainerControls don’t work differently between Realbasic and Xojo. Here is an example project that has radio buttons, a CheckBox and a label in a ContainerControl. Clicking any of them displays the Caption in the Label.

ContainerControl example

Hi Paul,
We discovered the problem, at some point the project became corrupt,
Hopefully we can salvage parts by exporting our custom classes.

Thanks for all the help!