Manual App Deployment-DLL problem

I have an app in development that will initially be deployed on Windows. I have an alpha version ready to be tested and need to install it on my partner’s PC. It consists of just the .EXE and 5 DLLs: msvcp140.dll SQLiteDatabase.dll vccorlib140.dll vcruntime140.dll XojoGUIFramework32.dll

Assuming that the DLLs had to be installed in the windows\system32 folder, I placed them there and tried to register them on the other computer. The DLLs would not register (I was registering them from the command prompt while in the folder after having copied the DLLs there).

Long story short, I’m looking for a way to not use an installer yet because that’s the last step (and it will be a learning process for me). Any ideas on how to get my app to work on another PC?


place the dll’s right next to your exe
this is actually the preferred place for them

note that you may also need all the common C runtime dll’s depending on what version of Windows you’re installing this on
(see the WindowsUniversalRuntime.pdf in the Documentation dir next to the Xojo IDE)

Why try to second guess what Xojo prepares for you in the build ?

Just put the app folder as it has been generated in the Windows build, and move it to the other PC as it is.

Excellent point. I’ll do exactly that. Thank you.

For reference:

I have found some code/steps to use with Inno Setup to install the Universal Runtimes if they are not already on there. I am still working on testing it. Once I have finished testing the solution, I will post for all to see.