Manu Handler - Containers/TabPanels


I have some menu options and I’ve set the menu handlers on a container - the container gets embedded at runtime into a tab panel. At runtime the menus are disabled, as if I hadn’t assigned the menu handler.

Has anyone run into this?

I’m not had a reason to had menu handlers on containers. You may have to add them to the parent and then parcel them out to the dynamic containers manually.

I suspect, that like a lot of things Container related, that it just doesn’t work like that. Even though the events are there they’re not really used. Containers are treated like Windows, kind of sort of but not really, in regards to the events.

The ContainerControl would need to have the focus to automatically enable its implemented menu handler.

A quick test shows, that it works. If it has the focus, the menu handler is enabled (as with any other control).

Thanks guys - I’ll do some testing tomorrow.

The focus thing makes absolute sense but being attached to a tab panel seems to be throwing things…