Manifest problems?

as of this morning, i can’t open my only project
message is this…
“The project manifest is missing required elements. The project may not have loaded as expected”
any help would be very much appreciated.
i have a feeling it is related to some windows updates that got installed yesterday

Did you happen to open and save it in an older version? That may have removed some items that the project manifest expects. This error simply warns you that things may not have loaded as expected - but the project still opens.

Hi Jason,
nope, none of my code or windows are present after it supposedly opens anyway
i submitted a feedback case and with my project if you want to try and open

i am hoping if my project somehow got corrupted that maybe you can salvage it???

Is that project the original or the one that you saved after getting that message? We would need the original.



Ok. That project is blank when I try to open it with a text editor. Do you have backup copies that you can try to open?

i hope, back ups are at home will check later