Making Xojo quicker on Windows

Before reading the rest of this post please be aware I am NOT in any way linked to Norton and what I say here is just from what I have experienced myself today and thought I would share.

I have been finding Xojo a bit clunky when working on my web project which contains about 100 web pages and a fair few images etc. It was starting to get frustrating moving between tabs and keyboard slowing down when typing etc. Removing a lot of the unused plugins from the plugin folder help a lot with the typing issue but was still slowing down at times. Also in general use Xojo just felt like walking in mud. My laptop runs Windows 8.1 has 16GB Ram and is an i5 processor without much else running on it so should be more than capable of running Xojo.

I have run a number of Windows speedup tools which have helped a little but not brilliant but today decided to buy Norton Utilities as in the old days as a support tech I always loved it but hadnt tried it for about 10 years. Well all I can say is WOW!, Xojo now feels a lot slicker, not necessarily faster but just much cleaner when moving around and the screen refreshes feel much better. The typing issue has not occurred yet but the response just feels much improved.

If anyone else is having issues with Xojo on Windows it might be worth trying Norton Utilities to see if it helps.

Yes, on pages with many (upwards of 120) controls, the Xojo IDE is borderline unusable. Copy or paste operations take up to 10 seconds to take effect. I made a few attempts at grouping controls in a container, but the issue remains. On less crowded pages, I don’t have near as much performance issues, none serious enough to complain about. Now, any trick to improve performance is welcome. Specifically, what did Norton find, remove or change to improve things?

I chose the 1-Click Optimize option and let it do its stuff. Norton for me has always had a good bunch of default settings and has the option to recover if you dont like what it has done. Now taking into account that I had already run registry cleanup tools, it found a further 10,000 registry issues then applied some Windows optimisation settings and compressed the registry. Also tidied up privacy data. It took about 10 minutes to run even though I have on SSD drives in my laptop so it must have been having a good look round my system.

While reading Your comments it seems that cleaning up Your computer improves the performance.

So per se it’s not a Xojo issue, or do I misunderstand anything?

My input in this context is to test WinPatrol, it controls what is loaded and not when Windows starts up.

Denis, I feel that the IDE has a lot of general issues that need to be fixed by Xojo. What I am saying is that on my laptop the cleanup helped improve the performance of Xojo to make it more usable. It is not lightning fast but it is far less sluggish which has really helped switching between tabs and redrawing. Even pre-cleanup Xojo should run better and compilation and saving etc are all acceptable, it is just the IDE that is not great.

Re WinPatrol, my issue was nothing to do with what was in startup as I had already optimized this some time ago to minimise this.


I fully agree with You when it comes to the IDE.

As for my input, it was a general contribution to other who read the thread :slight_smile:

Dennis, sorry if my post came across a bit strong, wasnt intended. I was just very surprised this morning after running NU that it did make a difference to general Xojo IDE speed. :wink:

I am getting really frustrated with Xojo. I hoped that overtime Xojo would become more stable. And it has but unfortunatly, in terms of stability Xojo is poor. But far as I am concerned, it has some good features and it is intuitive. Xojo really pisses me off with it’s never ending bugs.

It really is interesting as I have just looked at Task Manager and with my web app open in Xojo I have found that Xojo is using 1.4GB (yes that is gigabytes) or ram. Now I know my web project is 100 pages but 1.4GB, what is going to happen if you have a web project that has a few hundred pages!!! Is this what should be expected or is Xojo doing something really weird? The same project with more pages in another development environment takes about 200MB which is a massive difference.

Just for clarity the compiled / built project is on 20MB in size as a standalone web app. Also Xojo opened with an empty web project takes up 227MB. A 1.4GB of ram being used by any app is going to slow things down.

Ah, something interesting just noticed …

Loaded the project and when it starts Xojo and the web app takes up 321MB or ram. Do a build of the project and the ram usage goes up to 800mb and once the build is complete it only goes back to 650mb. Run the app in the IDE and ram goes up to 744mb. But when you close the web app you see that the ram has gone down but to 710mb, Run the app again (making no changes) and ram now goes up to 760mb, but guess what, when the app closes and you return to the IDE, look at ram usage and Xojo is now using 750mb. Do the same test again and we are now up to 809mb of ram after you return to the ide.

Me thinks Xojo has a major memory leak, firstly when you do a build and then when you run in the IDE.

Just for note, this is running on a Windows 8.1 box with 16GB of ram and an i5 processor.

I have just been doing some more testing and just by running a desktop or web app on Windows from within Xojo (i.e. no builds) and after only running a small desktop app about 20 times Xojo is now taking up 1.3GB of ram.

TuneupUtilities is an awesome piece of software as well.