Making icons

Would it be possible for Xojo to automatically generate the icons needed for iPhone/iPad apps?

I wrote a little tool to do this. I give it a 2048x2048 png, and it outputs all the needed icons. I then drag them into to icon page in the app. This has worked well as I try to make nice “blocky” icons.

This would be optional: If you need to hand-craft the icons, that could still be done.

Sounds like you’re unaware of Extras>iOS Utilities>iOSImageMaker.

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That’s a nice idea but not really the optimal way to make icons. Just scaling will inevitably get you a blob of mud at the smallest resolutions.

Usually you have a highly detailed icon at 1024x1024 and each smaller icon has less and less detail (and possibly removed elements) so they don’t get blurry.


Am unaware. Thanks for the tip.

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That’s why I mentioned that I try to make “blocky” icons. Simple, large shapes, few colors. They reduce well.