Making Classes and components external

Hi All
Just a question to ask if this is expected behaviour for classes made external to the IDE…

I have made a number of classes and components external.

But now when Im debugging and I stop on a break point I can’t use the little pencil to edit my code. i.e. click on it and nothing happens
When I do a search for a word name etc using the find, I get the normal list of found words and the method locations…
But when I click on a line for one of the found words I get no reaction.
i.e. it doesn’t take me to the code the word is found.
Now if I go to that class and actually click onto the method to see the code it seems to load the code into the side.
i.e. NOW when I click on a find for a word that is in a method I have opened before , this now works.

So long story short, I can live with this but is this the expected behaviour for external classes?

Im using externals to keep one code base for my standard classes which do need minor adjustments etc as I mature them

Regards James

At least some of the things you note were reported as bugs & should be fixed for a future release

Thanks Norman
appreciate the feedback