Making Android App with Xojo


Is it possible to make an app for Android with Xojo?
I know Xojo webprojects can be viewed by a mobile browser, but is it possible to make an Xojo app that can be installed on an Android device?
It has to be run without internet connection. Just like the standalone webprojects do?
Or maybe there is some third party CGI webserver that can be installed on Android in order to run cgi projects made with Xojo ?

No, you can not make native Android apps with Xojo. You can create web apps that work fine in the Chrome browser on Android, but they will require an active Internet connection.

What about something like this?

That said, not tried it.

I do have some expierience with Basic4Android.
It works simply but sometimes a little bit different. It’s language is also based on Basic. So it felt simular.
But because of I will write an app as extension of my desktop app, wich was made with Real Studio (Xojo), I was hoping it could be done in Xojo.

So I think I go back using my Basic4Android license.

Hi David,

I will git it a try: