Making A Portable Xojo Project

I am using Dropbox to store my Xojo projects and I often have to change the directory and ‘resolve’ the project items, this is because the directory changes across different computers. Bare in mind I have the free version of Xojo and no XML export and I believe only support for encrypted project files, how could I make this project portable? Does Xojo have a fauture where you can change a base directory, for all of the project items, at once. If I could just bundle it all in the same folder, how could I quickly do that without doing lots of manual work? Maybe I could use XojoScript?

Thanks for your time

I custom install all of my dropbox’s to the desktop, and I’ve never had a problem with my projects not being portable…I’ve done this for years because I travel for a living. Hope this helps

The free version uses the the Binary file format. It is not encrypted.

The project format is portable. What sort of files do you have to relocate? Images? If you are referencing them from outside the Dropbox folder, I could see that causing problems.

This is because Xojo holds the absolute path to external items rather than relative, so if you have dropbox installed on multiple computers but are using different usernames the absolute path changes.

To get around this on Windows I share the dropbox\project folder then map a drive to it. EG net use p: \\localhost\projects where projects is C:\Users\Wayne\Dropbox\Projects. On another pc the share may be C:\Users\User\Dropbox\Projects.

I always make sure to manually copy any external assets to a subdirectory of the project’s directory before dragging them into Xojo. This seems to create a relative link to the asset and play friendly with Dropbox. Not 100% sure if it’s actually relative, but it works across multiple machines with different account names without issue.

On a side note, is there any way to automatically copy assets dropped into the Xojo navigator to a project folder? I’ve just been doing it manually because I’ve never see a way to do it automatically as they have in Xcode/etc.

This is also what I tend to do.

Alas, no.

However, you could have a Copy Files Build Step to copy resources from elsewhere to the built or debug app.