Making a HTTPSecureSocket connection via a SOCKS5 proxy

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good way to route an HTTPSecureSocket connection over a SOCKS5 proxy? Specifically, I need to route it over the Tor network and it’s proving a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. While I realize I could write the data out to a file then use something like a C# console app (which does support SOCKS5 proxying), that seems kind of nasty and I’d rather keep the whole solution Xojo.

I’d rather do this in Xojo because it’s for a client and they are very averse to spending money but, if I had to, I’d be open to an affordable plugin suggestion.

Can anyone help?

Our MBS CURL Plugin should do SOCKS proxies.
Maybe worth a try?

Thanks for the quick reply, Christian. That might be an option. It seems like a stable plugin and does what I want. Plus, I can see using it for a bunch of future projects. I’m downloading and trying it out now. Thanks again!

Have you tried the new Framework HTTPSocket? It automatically uses the system configured proxy settings.


I’ve looked at it but the problem is that this isn’t a systemwide proxy. It’s Tor so I’m needing to specifically point at it. It looks like I’m going to use either a client/server architecture or maybe a .NET COM object (which, of course, means it will be Windows-only).

RB-libcURL works perfectly with socks5 and is open source.

Thank you!

How did you get along with this ?

I’ve found myself needing to use TOR from inside a Xojo project so I wrote a TOR controller and SOCKS5 module as I kind of need full control over the source for this project as I’m going to release it under whichever open license I end up deciding on.