make the app to reload


cause the web app to reload, is it the way to do?

it’s the same with .Disconnect

Is it necessary to disconnect from the server?

Could you describe in a bit more detail what you are trying to do and what is happening? Are you sending a mail in a webapp? What do you mean with “reload”? Which version of Xojo do you use? Which platform? Which browser? All the usual information is missing.

This function in web application quit the web app and reload the webapp.
In any browser and platform. Build for linux. Last version of Xojo. No problem for sending and receive the mail, only on disconnect.

It sounds like you are getting an exception and the app is crashing. You might want to put some code in app.unhandledException which writes some data to disk.

The most common mistake is in trying to write data to a webpage in an event from a socket. Because they fire on the main thread, it doesn’t know which Session to use and you get a SessionNotAvailableException.

I would try running your app in the ide and see if this same thing happens.

I could include some code to test what you are saying. But how to explain that the app is reload?

this is the link
click the EMail button
then you will see the disconnect button.

Do you beleive that I really need a disconnect button?

The app reloads because it crashes and then gets relaunched when the next request comes in.

Really, run it in the ide. I bet it’ll stop and show you right where the problem is.