Make Internal?

While porting from RB IDE to Xojo IDE the icons in my project were external to the project so xojo wanted to know where they were…
so I went through each icon one at a time and added them back to my project.

Then I asked myself… Why can’t these be internal to the project so that I don’t have to do this if I change development machines… I can just move the rbp file to the new development machine and everything that is internal will follow the project… but… there doesn’t seem to be a way to make anything internal… :frowning:

Yes, I can see your issue. However I guess to make images internal they would have to read all the binary into your project and store within the project binary file. This would then become rather cumbersome if you had large images in your project and the next issue would be the reduced speed of opening a Xojo binary project. Can’t you just keep all your resources in one folder with your project and copy this folder between machines?

I use cubby ( to sync my 2 development machines. You could try that. I just open up my cubby folder on my laptop when i’m out and about work on my app, save and when I get home open my cubby folder on my desktop and everything is there.

When they announced the new format, I expected that the Xojo open format (text) would be a tree with a base folder (like an App on osx, a bundle) with ALL its contents INSIDE. And expected its “binary” format should be exactly this FOLDER zipped in one file. We should never have to see a “where is the file x?” question unless we touched the source externally.
So, a “load” operation of a “binary” file would have just an additional step, be preceded by the decompression of the project tree (in a temporary workspace for example), and then the real load would have take place.

Rick, yes that would be a lot neater… Perhaps it would be worth a feature request…

I had a big issue synching projects between two machines… especially where graphics were concerned…
sometimes RB (before Xojo) stored the full path to the graphic… so I had to make sure the path on both machines was identical
and no problems since then

Well, you can. But I will only do it after some Xojo engineer asking here. Because they usually say “We are aware of this, not necessary” or “It’s by design, will not change” or something.

It was more a rename of the existing format than a “new format”

There is a case for a new project format though (#17863)

To make a zipped format really useful we’d have to be able to read it zipped or unzipped as a zip file is kind of useless in a code repository as most just treat it as a binary blob and that would not be good for our own purposes never mind anyone else who uses source control :stuck_out_tongue:

I got myself in trouble with externals once too often…
I would really like a way to make everything that external to a project internal.
It’s a good way to ‘check point’ your software project.
I’m not suggesting that one always operates with everything internal, but at some point I want to snap shot the project and have an internal copy of everything.