Make Adhoc signing optional

Xojo 2020R2 automatically adhoc signs the build app.
I understand this is needed for debug running on ARM but it should be an option for building apps.
For build apps this is not always advisable (for example for testing purposes). I know you can remove the signing by doing “codesign --remove-signature” but this makes the app unusable (killed status).
For this I cannot use 2020R2 for some apps.

So please make an option ‘Ad-hoc Sign application after build’. That way the user can choose to ad-hoc sign or not.

I created a feature request for this:

I would vote to make Xojo adhoc sign all builds for macOS and iOS.

With hardened runtime, apps without signatures won’t run.

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Yes but it should be an option!

Why should adhoc signing an option when the app won’t run without the signature?


For example when you want to check your protection. Most of my apps does check against code signing etc…
But there are other reason too though…

Ah, that makes sense.