make a graphics file and print it

Is there someone from Xojo who I can talk too? Got questions would be good to talk to someone.
here’s the question. I want to make a map in graphics and make it a file like .pdf or .txt or .odt and save it and print it to a printer for a copy. Tried that on tkinter and could not get the python system to make a file or print it. That’s why I am trying Xojo. Question is can it be done in Xojo?

your target is windows desktop?
if you would send something to a pdf printer driver you will have a file as pdf.
graphics are typically saved as png. saving as text is more a script to create this graphics.
i believe its also possible to save vector files.
if you start the ide ther is examples and in the tree view is a folder printing and reporting.
odt is open office, xojo cames with plugin for ms office, but it must be installed to use it.

[quote]\Xojo 2019r2\Extras\Office Automation[/quote] u need look in docu how to use.