Maintained list/post of plugin developers?

Is there a maintained list of active/current plugin developers anywhere?

I found a site the other day by clicking through to someones profile that has posted and I found that he developed a whole array of plugins, but I cant it again.

I’ve used this on the traditional docs site.

I’ve not been able to find it on the new developer site nor do I know how well it is kept. I see it was updated end of November so seems to have some love :slight_smile:

Brilliant Richard, thanks!

Hmmm, first site I went to had broken images and plugins from 2008, not exactly active/current :wink: I’ll keep looking.

Yeah, that is one of the problems.

I think many plugins get developed, the owner seems to underestimate amount of sales vs the level of support needed and poof, the loving feeling has gone. That is the same in many spheres though not just Xojo. I rarely buy plugins due to a mixture of either cost or what I suspect support is. I do have MBS and a couple of others though.

It is not that easy to maintain third party tools for Xojo.

Another thing is that the market is not that large, so some actors may lose interest and move on.

For myself, I always got superb support from MBS, Einhugur and dtPlugins.

At least these 3 are nobrainers and a must have. :slight_smile:

No, it’s not.

We encourage people that sell 3rd party tools to get them listed in the Add-On Store. Contact us if you’re interested:

I just went through to update links and remove dead ones from the 3rd Party Product page in the wiki, but I’m sure there are plenty of products that I don’t know about. Feel free to send any I’m missing my way.