Mailjet class - send transactional email from pure Xojo code for free!

I very recently had the pleasure of discovering Mailjet (, a transactional email service who actually cares to handle abuse complaints. The way they handled abuse was swift and they thanked me for the report.

It seems silly, but this was extremely impressive to me and I checked out more of what their service has to offer. You can read more about my experience here on my blog.

The main reason I’m writing though, is that I’ve written and released a free open source class to connect and send EmailMessage objects through Mailjet. It should be extremely easy to switch out existing SMTPSecureSocket implementations :slight_smile:

Check out the project on Github:

Best wishes and may your sportsball team win today :wink:
Tim Parnell


Thanks @Tim_Parnell, that’s a great contribution to the community.

I’ve used MailJet before, they’re a good company.