Mail Attachment

I’m able to successfully send mail attachments but on the receiving end the recipient gets a file called “Mail Attachment.” It’s a pdf file so when you click on it you get garbage until you rename it with a pdf extension. That’s a less than optimal solution for me. I’ve even tried naming it but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Here’s the code:

[code] file = new EmailAttachment
file.Name = “Leiter.pdf”
file.LoadFromFile GetFolderItem(“Leiter.pdf”)
mail.Attachments.Append file

Socket1.Messages.Append mail

Um… Now it suddenly working.

It sounds like the spam/virus engine on the receiving end was munging the file. They do this sometimes to reduce the risk of a user double clicking a file and getting a virus.

Hi all,

I’m having this same problem with a limited number of people. Strange thing is that someone receives the mail with a problem and a slightly different (same number of attachments, different PDF) mail without a problem.
I really don’t know what to do. Most users with the problem seem to be using Gmail in combination with Mac OS X Mail, but I have had a user with Outlook also reporting the problem.
I’m using RS 2012R2.1 .
Any suggestions? Adding the mime type did not seem to solve the problem. So far , for about 9000 mails, about 25 users reported the problem (they see ‘Mail attachment’ files instead of the correct PDF filename). Renaming the file with a .pdf extension usually works.

Any other tips?

I likt to add to my last post that I am expecting a lot more of those 9000 users to report the problem, but since I send those mails during the holidays, it might take a while before I have a good view of the problem reports.