MagicListbox now available (Source Code)

I have had a number of requests for the source code of MagicListbox and I have decided that I will now let it go free in the wild!

You can download it from here:

I hope that this will be well received. Any changes/updates/improvements would be well received by me.


I can’t wait to play with this one! I tried to open the included sample project and ran into 2 missing items:
Tick_18 and X2_18 could not be found.

They were easy to find (in the same directory as the project) but the way the paths were stored in the original project made them lose their reference.

Thanks Simon :slight_smile:

Sorry about the paths. This was a quick fix from the original file and I forgot that I had not linked from the main folder.

Nice thank you, I used MLB in my Batch Rendering program :slight_smile:

Great, Tanks Simon Berridge !

This link is no longer active

@Giovanni Bottoni

Did you know that Xojo Developer’s Spot is the largest Xojo community outside of these forum walls? Although many know about the site, it is still one of the best kept secrets (as our members say) held by Xojo developers. If a link makes it’s way to public domain from within these forums (including the old Real Software forums), it’s archived for all time, for all developers. Too often, developers don’t maintain websites, or change sites and storage methods frequently, which leaves many valuable gems unavailable to “those who were too late.” So, many many years ago now, I decided to create a unified place where all Xojo materials would permanently be preserved and archived for all of time. So if you ever need a piece of code which no longer exists, message me and I’m sure I’ll have it available for you, as long as it was shared after 2005 (even the materials which existed before then, that are still available at their sites have been archived), and was placed in public domain. The downloads at the main site are only those which I’ve had time to document with descriptions and author information, etc. So if you happen to browse the downloads section of the site, and can’t find what you are looking for, that doesn’t mean XDS doesn’t have it; rather, I just haven’t had time to document that particular source, which is common, as there are 1000’s of pieces of code yet to document, and I, the only documenteer. XDS automatically archives new sources once a day using Google file-type API (no point crawling the forums if Google already does, plus no need to bog down the forums with Get requests); so they are available by the next day. If it was shared in the forums, I just need to know the year, month, and day the forum post was made. The XDS library software package only has all downloads and snippets viewable at the site, but I hope to change that soon, with the next release of the Xojo Developer’s Library, which has completely been revamped.

Here is the publicly shared code you are looking for:

Kind Regards,

I have moved it to my Xojo Components page on my website.

The link is:



Why it starts in ‘fullscreen’ ? (hidden Code?)

Would imagine fullscreen mode is set within the encrypted version of the control? Place the following code in the Open event of the MagicListbox and I’m sure it should fix the problem?

Self.FullScreen = False

I pulled the unencrypted version in case the developer doesn’t wish to share the source
Noticed the new source is encrypted.

What makes you think he didnt want the source out there?

I will ask him if it is ok to share the archived original link. To prevent complications with developer’s and disputes, generally if I find an updated/migrated download of an original work, which is no longer source-code available, I pull the source until I receive confirmation from the developer that it is okay to remain in public domain. As with Karen’s Mergeable Listbox source which originally appeared in the Real Software forums, per her request, the source has been deleted from our archives, as she after all, is the originator and creator of the works provided. Sometimes, ‘open’ source items, just become closed source, and that’s the way it is. Even the Wayback machine is forced to remove some archived websites per request of the original authors; it’s just courtesy, and a great way to stay in good graces of other developers. XDS archives the code gems for backup in case they are lost to 404’s. But, in this case, the developer still provides access to the works created via his website, in the form of encrypted classes. If he wished the classes’ source to available, they most likely wouldn’t be currently encrypted.

But I will ask before removing the source code permanently from our archive, in which case it will merely be updated with the currently available download in the database; again, in case the website ever becomes a 404. Sometimes, people change their mind, and we have to respect that; especially honorable when they still provide free use of the source, whether encrypted or not.

Sorry to all. I thought I had posted the unencrypted version to my website - I had not!

The link is now fixed and the correct unencrypted version is available from my Xojo Components page.

With apologies for the inconvenience.


ps. I honestly don’t know why the full screen is defaulted. I have traced the code and don’t see where I have told it to do that!

Now for that magic link to the magic listbox … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why are people so “link shy”? “It’s available from my website” without posting the link should be a big no no …

source code and info page

Now about that missing versioning information (release date? version number?) … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool work. :slight_smile:

Btw, the calendar crashes when using the scroll wheel (out of bounds).