Made with Xojo Image?

Howdy Pardners.
Is there an official Made with Xojo image available anywhere, which can be inserted into commercial projects?

I have looked on the site, but can’t find any info about one being provided by Xojo?
Maybe I have just missed the link?


Sign in to your Xojo account. On the right side of your browser under “General” you should see “Made With Xojo Logos”.

Thanks - I didn’t think I would need to sign in :slight_smile:

Have I understood this correctly - If I have made a development tool - I need to put the made with Xojo image in both my about box AND on my splash screen? And there must be a link back to Xojo???

That seems a bit excessive.
My splash screen is only an icon, so I have no idea how I am supposed to also fit in a made with Xojo image?

Richard, reach out to and they can help you.

I just have - thanks Scott.