Macro operator

I have in my current project a lot of global variables (module). After the user has finished a procedure I want to reset these values.
Some are String, others are Boolean and some are Integer, but they all start with Risk…

Is there a way to have Xojo reset or nil all these vars like

Risk* = “” or Risk&& = 0 or Risk$$ = False?

I wonder if the design is right. What about a class to maintain the user state, and then just one global variable, the current user state? Then, when the user starts a new procedure, instantiate the class, you always have a fresh, brand new state.

Yes I know about using a class, or a structure, but I was half way through my code and thought ‘next project’ :wink:

OK, not too much work to get it changed into a class…

But I’m still wondering about the macro operator, is such possible in Xojo?

Not the way you’ve described it, no.