I just installed Xojo a few days ago and still exploring around. I watched some of the Xojo Youtube videos including the one about MacOSLib.

I tried to install and run the example project as per the instructions on Github but when I start it, it Breaks immediately at:

Private Sub pTestAssert(b as Boolean, msg as String = "") if not b then break #if TargetHasGUI MsgBox "Test in Cocoa module failed: "+EndOfLine+EndOfLine+msg #else Print "Test in Cocoa module failed: "+msg #endif end

See screenshots below.

It looks as if it’s not passing some initial Cocoa tests.
I’m running it on a plain vanilla Xojo 2015 R2.1 running on Yosemite 10.10.3

Am I doing something wrong or is there something I can do to fix it?
I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

That’s a broken test. You can ignore it.

I am rewriting MacOSLib. I’m hoping to have a new version for testing in the near future.

make a comment on break


Or simply keep hitting the green Resume button until it stops complaining.

Thank you!
And Charles, will the new version be 64 bits?

[quote=189831:@Marco Hof]Thank you!
And Charles, will the new version be 64 bits?[/quote]
Well, Xojo isn’t 64bit yet soooo…

I understand. But R3 will be 64bit and if Charles is rewriting MacOSLib, I hope it will be 64bit as well.