macoslib popover from toolbar item

hey guys and girls,
was wanting it know if someone can help me with an issue i am having.
i am trying to get a popover to display when a user clicks a toolbar item.
not for the toolbar i am use MBS and my toolbar is the same as the one in their example.
and for the popover i am using macoslib, i tried using MBS for the popover but i just couldn’t get it to work and i couldn’t get much support on the MBS.
so with my popover, when i show it with mypopover.ShowRelativeToRect
it works fine if i open it with the propertied needed for ShowRelativeToRect from a control in the window.
the needed properties are ShowRelativeToRect(Cocoa.NSRect, NSView, Cocoa.NSRectEdge)
this works because i am using parts of the macoslib to get the needed properties.
but i can’t seem to get those properties from the MBS toolbar i have. would this even be possible? using 2 different plugins?
i noticed that a lot of the MBS plugins with their methods/controls etc have MBS at the end. example being NSViewMBS
so i am not to sure if i can use that as a NSView for the other plugin.
all i want is a nice popover i can easily put some controls into which opens from a toolbar button being clicked.

Hi Paul,

the description of your problem is a bit rambling :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix MBS and Macoslib functionality for the toolbar. Can you post some code to see what you already got? Normally, Christian from MBS is very responsive with this support. Did you send him a direct mail? You can also post to the Add ons here in the forum.

sorry, my laptop is a bit screwed at the moment, making it very hard to type so i typed the above out as fast as i could before it acts up again, so didn’t get a chance to read over it. will go over it again when i get home onto my other comp.

I can not recommend using MBS and MacosLib in the same project. It can result in errors (same naming used?). Mostly you can not compile such projects without errors.

strange i havn’t had any errors so far with them both in my project.

MacOSLIb could be nice and use prefix/postfix for identifiers to avoid conflicts.