macoslib NSSearchField problem

Since upgrading to the new OS - when I add a macoslib NSSearchField to my window - it initially appears with an erroneous focus ring (very faint and lighter blue color), and also acts as if I have clicked inside it (displaying the small x button). If I click on my listbox, the NSSEarchField goes back to normal (displaying the placeholder text).

Is there any way of preventing this auto focus from happening?
I have tried the code below in the window’s open event - but still get the same issue. It seems I must CLICK on the listbox to resolve this :frowning:


Alternatively, does anyone know any other way I can display a native NSSearchField in my window?

Thank you all in advance.

Bumping this thread.

Could anyone at least confirm if this is expected behaviour when a NSSearchField is placed on the actual window (as opposed to the toolbar), of if it is either a Xojo or OS bug?