MacOSLib failure

I have been using MacOSlib to check App Store credentials. Here is the code:

If not AppStoreVerified then //7.1.1 simplified check
// code from RSD Jan/Feb 2011 to check for appropriate receipt in the apps bundle folder
dim appBundleID as String = “com.ramonsoftware.myaccounts” //AppID sent to Apple
dim f as folderItem = App.ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent.Child(“_MASReceipt”).Child(“receipt”)
if System.Version >= “10.6.6” then //7.2.9 OSX 10.6.6 or higher
//7.2.9if Carbon.SystemVersionAsInt >= 100606 then //OSX 10.6.6 or higher
Debug (“App.Open detected 10.6.5+.”)
AppStoreVerified = True //turn on falsely

if not CertTools.IsValid (CertTools.DeviceGUID, CertTools.ReadReceipt(f), appBundleID) then
  //if false then
  AppStoreVerified = False //reset away from message
  declare sub exit_ lib "System" alias "exit" (code as Integer)
  exit_ (173) //Suggest to user to log into App Store
  msgbox "cert toon true"
  Debug ("App.Open setting AppStoreVerified.")
  //done earlier
end if

Debug (“App.Open version warning needs to be displayed.”)
OsWarnNeeded = True //set for later display
end if
end if //6.4.5

This has started to crash on the line “CertTools.isvalid”

Any one having the same problem?


As far as I know, the CertTools of macOSLib has been replaced years ago by Sam.
But nowadays even that has been replaced/re-adjusted.

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With what?