[macOS] Using AppleScript on a M1 Laptop


I do not wanted to use Xojo for that job because it would involve AppleScript to get data, so I’d better use AppleScript to do the whole job.

And I was running an m1 laptop…

The deal was to get from a folder full of files (> 2500) the file name and the Comments contents (URL of the file).

The scrip read each item found in the front window, and if it is a JPEG file and have something in the Comments field, it store the file name and Comments in a variable, then, at the end, return that variable contents as an html document.

So I wrote a little AppleScript, and finally ran it. It was very fast, so fast… once I went back home, I moved the script to an i5 laptop, run it into a folder with far less files (~50 items ?): it ran slowly, so slow… a snail was world champion (by comparison) !

Eureka !

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