MacOS TouchID libraries or declare examples

After all those years of having the Touch ID, Any idea of an example code or a project that does not require any plugins for MacOS TouchID Feature ? I’m looking for something to be able to offer to the users the ability to login using their fingerprint as one of the requirements .

Anyone there that could have that functional ?


Good luck with that… With declares, that would be a massive, if not impossible, task.

I highly recommend using the MBS plugins for this.


I’ve never looked into what is involved in this process, but I can already imagine it uses a lot of spaghetti code to get it to work.

Use the plugins. TouchID runs on background threads which aren’t well supported with declares

But are still doable. More and more API is going this way, I am hoping that Xojo can/will come up with a more stable solution going forwards.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s something they are worried about. Very few people seem to have issues (probably because they see it’s not supported and go use a different tool) but I have feature requests going back 4-6+ years for greater compatibility/thread safety for callbacks and no progress has been made without plugins or “hacks” the engineers warn you against.

It’s sad Xojo didn’t get the thread safety issues in the framework fixed for API2.0 since that would have been a great opportunity. Seems we would need an API3.0 before compatibility will be possible and I’m sure they will be hesitant to do that with the mess that was the release of API2.0.

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I agree they are not worried about it now, but the time will come will it is absolutely needed. Would be nice if situations like this could be handled before it is too late.

Yes I agree that by not supporting these things, it may very well scare away potential customers if they come across this information, but I think that number will be minimal.

Post the feedback case numbers so we can all add some weight to them.

The situation is actually worse. I had an open Feedback case which was closed as implemented. Of course, the behaviour was NOT fixed.


Thanks guys, well plugins, special MBS are out of option for us, so seeing that XOJO did that option on IOS I assumed that we have it as well on MacOS but I guess I just assumed as apparently it is not there.

Except one project that we are still maintaining it, we are slowly moving away from XOJO unfortunately. support except great people here on the forum, is a big issue on xojo, features and options that are standard on other platforms are not here and we do need to use plugins to have them. progress is slow on features and bugs, I don’t want to open a unhappy war again but unfortunately this is the sad truth. I guess if this keeps on going this way, I don’t see myself or out team workin in xojo still in 1 year from now . Hopefully will see some changed, who knows . I guess as a rule for XOJO, start things one by one, finish it, or alt least bring it to a functional stable state and then move to next one. we rather prefer to have mature project than to have 6 platforms to deploy but none are working properly, just my 2 cents .

Thanks again to all of you.

The biggest issue with Xojo is, if you want to code modern apps (read: use up-to-date and new APIs), you definitely need plugins. Without this, Xojo is a limited and API crippled tool with which you can only accomplish simple basic things.

If the new way to use declares (which is in the pipeline for some years now) fails, I do not see a bright future for Xojo. They sadly just cannot keep up.

Xojos demonstrated on a XDC years ago Interops which are still on the roadmap. Looks like with those it would be „easier“ to get the results you looking for without plugins. Initially they should be available for macOS. The question is, when‘s the time?

This is not so much a case of Declare/Interops, although it would really be nice to have the latter. Like Sam said more and more OS methods return on background threads, and while it is usually possible to handle them without plugins too you have to code very cautiously, otherwise you will run into a crash.

Xojo has missed the chance to include modern language concepts like Async/Await into the language (and less modern ones like safe background thread handling), and seeing that we just got somewhat decent graphics and basic PDF handling, I would not expect them before API 3 …
Why do I have a Zager & Evans moment right now?